Manicure and Pedicure Treatments

Nail Treatments

Manicures & Pedicures

At Pure Synergie we offer many solutions for your nails.

Whether it be a lunch time manicure and pedicure using our OPI range or the application of our 2 week colours using Gelish or Shellac, we are sure to give you hands and feet which will dazzle your friends and colleagues and make you the envy of people in London town.

Gelish Nail Treatments

An effective long lasting treatment designed to reduce the inconvenience of having to reapply your nail polish every few days. We use Gelish Gel Nail Polish from Harmony that sticks to your nails for around 3-4 weeks. Smudge free and long lasting our gels are perfect for busy women on the go.

£32 Gelish Manicure
£45 Gelish Pedicure
£10 Gelish Removal
Gelish Nails

OPI Nail Treatments

OPI is a family owned company who provide high quality products that we use to great effect. We offer 3 services. A manicure where the nail surface is prepared and varnished with your favourite OPI nail colour. A pedicure where the feet are massaged, cuticles pushed and nipped and the nail surface cleansed and varnished with your favourite OPI pedicure. And a file and polish with your favourite OPI nail polish.

£22 OPI Manicure
£33 OPI Pedicure
£15 OPI File and Polish
OPI Nails

Shellac Nail Treatments

Also know as the world's first ‘super polish’ this incredible polish lasts for a full 14 days without chipping. With a wide range of gorgeous colours, there’s a shade to suit everyone. It’s easily applied and is reported to strengthen nails and make them healthier looking. Re-application is usually only necessary when new growth starts to re-appear after 14 days.

£32 Shellac Manicure
£45 Shellac Pedicure
£10 Shellac Removal
Shellac Nails