Hair Extensions in Covent Garden

Whatever your vision, make a mesmerising statement with Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Boost volume, add colour or extend your hair’s length – tempt gazes to linger longer. Our ethically sourced 100% human hair extensions offer total versatility. Be daringly different or use a subtler touch to transform your look, the choice is yours.

Great Lengths is the leader in premium Hair Extensions, using only the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin and ethicality. Great Lengths extensions can be used to:

Take short hair to long hair

Add extra volume to fine hair

Introduce subtle or dramatic colour contrasts

Create stunning fashion effects.

Using patented systems, specially formulated bonds attach to your own hair and are kind to you hair and scalp. Virtually undetectable by sight or touch; comfortable to wear, style and sleep on; are long lasting; can be styled, curled or coloured to create the perfect look for any occasion; look and feel as natural as your own hair; can be removed with no damage to your own hair. Complimentary consultations available.

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